Wireless Actuator

Online Wireless Actuator Control-Block


  • Wireless Actuator Control (ON/OFF) performed by SRF (SusinRF card) & SDC (SusinData Collector) through RF Communication with a range of 200meters.
  • SDC–Susin Data Collector a
    • Compact hand held device.
    • Store data and communicate with control room.
    • Online/Offline data syncing facility available.
    • Online wireless data access is achieved by GPRS which is an optional feature of SDC.
  • Valve size from ¾" up to 1 ½' ball valves with ISO 5211 direct actuator mounting
  • Using world smallest quarter turn Actuator ITQ 20

Method Of Operation

  • Control Room data are transffered to SDC's (SusinData collector) Storage by means of USB (Offline) / GPRS (Online) .
  • These Data contain details on which are the Actuators to be closed or opened for supply.
  • When SDC is carried nearer to the particular SRF (Susin RF card) then both SDC and SRF communicates among each other by which SDC shall send the control signal to SRF based upon the stored information.
  • The communication between SRF card and SDC happens automatically when both are in range.
  • This way any wrong doing by hand held operator is prevented
  • Easy to use software–GUI for storing the data and better communication with SDC


  • Hot Water Supply line Control
  • Colds water supply line control
  • Drinking water Supply
  • Waste water control
  • L&G , LPG pipeline control