With more than two decades of experience in Air-Handling Products and with kind cooperation of our customers , SUSIN developed an innovative and competitive product, which could meet any critical applications in the process industries.

SUSIN had been associated with major core industries, specialized in Power, Steel, Cement and Water through it's world proven products of EXPANSION JOINTS and ACTUATORS.

SUSIN uses state-of-art designing software HYPERWORKS and CAD/CAM Facility in the Modelling and Analysis stages. CNC/NC machines in the fabrication Stagtes, Damper Test Rig developed for the inspecting, testing, and sealing efficiency of the Dampers.

From Designing to Delivery to Commissioning, SUSIN Team works closely with Our customers to provide consistent in quality and performance of the same foin For any critical application as per customer requirements.

Butterfly Dampers (BD Series)

Butterfly damper consists of centrally mounted disc offering reliable on/off and flow modulation operation. This can be any size and Shape of Circular, Square and rectangular.

It is Lightweight, Simple in design, Quick actuation is possible Lower cost.

Size up to 2500mm, Depending on the sealing system variying level os tightness can be provided

Damper can be provided with Pneumatic, Electrical and Hydraulic actuators. BD series Dampers are simple , economical for ON/OFF Application

Divert Dampers ( DD Series)

Susin DD series Dampers are customs designed to divert high temperature exhaust gases from Gas turbine to heat recover boiler or by pass system.

Depending on the sealing system variying level os tightness can be provided

Damper can be provided with Pneumatic, Electrical and Hydraulic actuators.

Although any two dampers can be used to divert flow, Diverter dampers are a common way to divert a flow of gas from one outlet to another

Diverter dampers are simple and can withstand high temperatures. The blade is located out of the gas stream, so erosive particles do not impact directly on the surface.

Multilonr Damper ( MD Series)

The louver type of damper consists of several blades mounted parallel across a duct, with centrally pivoted shafts extending out through a frame and driven by a linkage. Louver dampers are versatile, able in theory to handle any application in the power plant

multi-blade louver dampers provides reliable modulation and isolation in many applications.

The louver damper is capable of providing accurate and repeatable flow control for all applications. The sealing efficiency of single louver dampers will vary from 91% to 99.5%. 100% isolation can be achieved with

Single Louver Dampers - provide a combinati. on of isolation and flow control. The parallel arrangement is used on fan inlets. The opposed arrangement is used where a more linear flow is desired—such as fan outlets.

Double Louver Dampers - two rows of blades that are equipped with flexible metal seals and a seal air system.

Modeling & Analysis

Most of our Design Futures address the AMCA ( Air Movement and Control Association) 850-02 standards

Each product is designed to meet the client's specific requirements and operating conditions. Depending on the application requirement, the system design varies. Our Dampers are designed specifically to meet out the process requirement criteria. The dampers are designed and modelled using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software tools. Advanced analysis programs are used to verify the structural integrity, fluid flow and leakage analysis.

The each Moving parts Dampers are analysised, Outside Frame, Blade, Shaft and Bold . The actual field conditions are available same can be applied on the full assembly, the Damper behavious to the condition can be fully analysised.

Material Selection

The Selection of material will be determined accordance with operating condition to which the damper will upder go.

Gases, Carbon Combustion Sulphur, Chloride may casue premeature wera problem or build –up , which must be analysised in each application.

Sealing Methods

Depending on the degree of isolation desired, the damper can be equipped with an assortment of flexible seals. A full set of seals consists of blade to blade, blade to frame, and blade to side frame

Sealing system for Butterfly and Lourdampers similar and for Guillitone it is different, there could be few more additional sealing system offered in the special cases

Damper Automation

SUSIN I-TORK range actuator make our package as one source supply for any application

  • The Dampers can be operated in electrical for ON/OFF or modulating Application.
  • WE can Provide in 1Phase or 3 phase, The actuator can be directly mounted or Multiturn.
  • Pneumtaic Quter Turn directly Mounting with solenoid valves for ON/OFF or Pneumatic positioned for Modulating
  • Directly mounting quater Turn Electrical actuator
  • Power Cylinders to operate Dampers