Industrial Automation


  • Lighting controls, security systems, security video, audio visual, remote controls, Internet connectivity to these systems, temperature controls, and much more !
  • Power management for your systems to protect yourself from surges, brown-outs, spikes, and other power issues.
  • Thermal management so your systems won't over-heat.
  • Beautiful flat screens for signage, video, conferencing, or if you want to get your message across.
  • Racks and cable management to insure your installation is clean and professional.
  • A variety of remote controls or universal controls to consolidate what you have and make it easier to manage.
  • The sky is the limit! If we don't do it, we can help you find someone who can meet your needs!

Industrial process Automation

Process automation

Safety :Plant safety has always played a major role in process automation. Apart from explosion protection, functional safety and plant availability have become more and more important.

Products :Our process automation devices meet highest quality demands. Solenoid valves and limit switches to control and monitor actuators ensure a high operational reliability in hazardous areas as well as in safety circuits for requirements up to SIL 4. Pneumatic diaphragm switching devices offer high reliability and a long service life for industrial processes, compressed air control systems in tunnel boring machines or for mobile respirators.

Automation :Our tailor-made automation solutions are proof of the competence we have acquired in all areas of process automation, from control loops to state-of-the-art process control systems, over the past decades. A few examples of our fields of expertise include automating autoclaves for food sterilization, automating heat exchangers used on test benches for automotive and aircraft engines as well as automating piggable pipeline networks required to transport products in chemical plants safely and without burdening the environment. Desuperheaters and steam-pressure reducing units with pressure and temperature control allow for economic steam conditioning in process engineering as well as in the food and paper industries. Telemetry systems with advanced technologies reliably transmit all signals, alarms and events over any distance to a central control unit for further processing.

Building automation

Demands :Modern building automation applications are expected to be flexible, transparent and reliable, with the decisive factors being safety of investment, energy saving and cost-effectiveness while ensuring the highest possible comfort for the user.

Applications :Relying on innovative products and custom software solutions, we can tailor the building automation and district heating plants to the customer's specific demands. Applications range from heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems for office buildings, hospitals, schools, public swimming pools and industrial buildings to combined heat and power plants as well as heat transfer stations for district heating networks.

Products : SAMSOMATIC provides technically and economically viable solutions for building automation and district heating, which are implemented using control valves, controllers and automation systems from the extensive SAMSON product range depending on the customer's demands.

Automation :Apart from standard control applications, we can implement all kinds of complex systems, from field level to modern building control systems. Decentralized automation systems control interconnected plants using standardized communication interfaces and protocols. Custom process visualization with animated plant schemes make it easy for operators to run and monitor plants. Alarm management functions immediately detect faults during operation and take appropriate actions. The Internet and modern telecommunications even permit remote monitoring and maintenance.

Production engineering

Quality :Automated production requires constant monitoring to ensure a consistently high manufacturing quality. Deviations from quality standards are detected immediately and appropriate corrections are made.

Applications :Our proven size control and tools correction systems automatically compensate for tool wear, preset tool tolerances and temperature fluctuations of the machining equipment, and all this accurate to the micrometer. These systems are used, for example in the precision boring of cylinder blocks or gearboxes in the automotive industry.

Automation :Values measured with pneumatic or inductive feelers and sensors, such as diameters or lengths, are evaluated by a measuring computer according to the latest aspects of statistical quality control. The machining equipment is controlled depending on the calculated correction values, positioning the cutting tip accurately to the micrometer.