Energy Transfer Stations

With the energy need for Building cooling going to consume 60%-70% power produced by every GCC country, the focus is how to optimise the energy usage in the coming decade. The district cooling could be and would be a better solution for optimum energy usage, the major hurdles to district cooling usage for each building is the initial cost to incorporate ETS in every station.

Understanding this need of all the GCC countries, SUSIN Group had tide-up with SAMSOMATIC, a Automation Solution Wing of € 500 million SAMSON AG, Germany. SAMSOMATIC had been offering various types of automation solution to Industries, had done many Building Heating Application ETS in German market, which are similar to the Cooling system used in the Middle East countries.

A typical 4 HEX. with ETS station

  • Side view
  • Right view
  • Front view
  • Left view

Scope of SKID mounted ETS

Scope of the ETS SKID cover only the standard district cooling supplier scope, constructed with typical PID given below and consist of all the major parts such as Heat exchanger, PLC controller, PICV valves, Manual valves, Temperature & Pressure Indicators and Transmitters.

All these major components and equipments and it's full technical data sheets and incase of sizing detail for Heat exchangers and Control valves can be submitted with final submittal for project approvals.

The SKID will be assembled at German factory facilities, then transported in Modular design to re-assemble them at site for easier transportation.

Advantage of SKID mounted ETS

  • A Single source to communicate and follow-up
  • Can be designed in compact size, result in lesser wastage of build-up area.
  • Heat exchanger can be built as per our space availability of vertical or horizontal
  • Critical parameters such as pressure drop, Valve authority and Flow can be clearly and quickly documented, as all responsibility fall on one source
  • Economical solution and reduce initial investment.
  • Standard heat exchanger designed for 300TR, 500TR, 1000TR and 2000TR